Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm a Grandma!!!!

Bootsie finally had her babies! She gave birth to 6 tiny little kittens this morning. Rick didn't realize that she was even giving birth until the whole process was almost over. He realized it when he started hearing little meows. He gave me a call at work and I was home in 3 minutes (it usually takes me around 5 to get home!). It will be a fun eight weeks and than they will all need to find new homes. If you're interested let me know!

Susan and the kids have already chosen their little kitty to take home!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

8th Wedding Anniversary!

Rick and I are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on the 26th of this month! Time flies so fast. Here's a little comparision of where we were 8 years ago compared to today-

Then: Only one child (Nicholas - 4 years old)
Now: House full of kids and animals (Nicholas age 12, Ellie age 5, and Aiden age 3). To date we have 2 cats (soon to be many more, Bootsie is prego and due any day!) and 1 fish that's swimming and 2 that are floating.

Then: Apartment living - rent $625 a month
Now: Home owners - Mortgage way too high to disclose (more than double what it was 8 years ago!)

Then: Not active in church at all
Now: Very active (in fact it's pretty rare that we miss a Sunday). I currently teach Aiden's primary class and love every second of it!

Then: Rick - 20 lbs. lighter, Lindsay 10 lbs. lighter
Now: Just bought a treadmill and will be back at that pre-wedding weight at no time!

Then: Lindsay - full time college student and working at a pharmacy as a technician. Rick - working construction as a rough framer (lucky to get a 30 hour work week in!)
Now: Lindsay - full time sales position with Wireless Resources, Inc. Rick - full time postion with The Home Depot (he's working on 7 years!!)

We've come a long way over the last 8 years! Happy Anniversary Rick!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Christmas Spirit!

I can honestly say that I've got one of the best kids around! Every year for Christmas the Home Depot chooses a family to play "Secret Santa" for. This year Rick recommended that the Home Depot sponsor one of his friends that has been having a really hard year. The poor guy had some really bad luck with finances, sewage in the basement (been there, done that!), and just trying to keep food on his table. Last night was the deadline to bring all the gifts in for the kids. This morning Rick told Nicholas about what the Home Depot was doing for this family and how there was a 12 year old boy that wouldn't be getting much of a Christmas without others help. In their conversation it came up that this young boy would really like a handheld video game player. Nicholas than proceeded to gather up his PSP, a handful of games, and a really nice carrying case to give to this child that was less fortunate than him. Rick was in shock (if you've ever met Nicholas you're well aware of his true passion in life....video games are his world!!!). He couldn't believe that Nicholas had so much compassion to give a child that he's never met before something that he loves and enjoys so much. It not only choked up Rick, but the 12 year old neighbor girl was also over and also had tears in her eyes. I can't describe the feeling that you get when you watch you're children make such amazing choices in life. Nicholas, along with my little two, are such good kids. I really have been blessed!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Bithell Curse Strikes Again!

Earlier today I needed to take some Christmas presents downstairs. I had a huge box that I was carrying down and I couldn't see over it. When I hit the basement floor my foot landed in around six inches of water. I hurried and put the box down and saw that my whole basement was flooded with water. I could deal with the water being everywhere (if you're a Bithell, you're use to it!), but I totally broke down when I saw all of my Christmas presents ruined. Every single gift was water logged. I got on the phone and had Rick come home from work, and of course tried to reach my parents (their pro's with water problems!), but they wern't home! Rick brought one of his plumber friends home with him and he was able to get the sump pump working. It only took around 20 minutes for all the water to drain....now everything is soaked and ruined. We've been hauling garbage bags to the curb and have a cleaner here at the present moment trying to get things squared away. I do have to say, I have an amazing insurance company. I called them and told them what was going on and they had the cleaners out here with in two hours. Not to mention, I'm compiling a list of all that was lost and they will be taking care of it. I guess that $40 a year sump pump rider that I have on my home owners insurance really came in handy! And, I guess the situation isn't too bad....I get to go shopping all over again!